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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  August 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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breaking overnight, tornadoes rip through the heart land. the devastation left behind in indiana as people begin the process of cleaning up. and we are tracking the tropics this morning. overnight, gaston strengthened to but it's invest 99 that could impact florida and the bay area. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. let's get you out the door. it's busy in the tropics. >> it is. and this is the time of year we expect the tropics to be very busy. again, the peak of hurricane season said to be around september 10th. so we are heading into that peak. so yes, hurricane gaston just after midnight became the third hurricane of the season.
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it's a tropical wave right now near puerto rico. in the short term, it doesn't have a big possibility of developing but long-term, about an 80% chance. later information on hurricane gaston, still 75 miles per hour winds. it should weaken by to a tropical storm and then strengthen again but it stays out to sea. and now let's focus on the one that has more impact on a lot of land masses. right now, 45 miles per hour winds and pretty sure it's going to head right into the bahamas. that's what every model says. the problem s once it gets into -- the problem is, once it gets into the bahamas, it will have the possibility of strengthening quickly and we don't like that because it's close to florida. saturday afternoon, most of the models take it through south florida and into the gulf of mexico. which would increase our rain chances locally. of course, how big those rain chances are and how big the effects will be determined by the eventual track as well as how strong that system is.
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of 92 degrees. that's above average. so at 5:08, i have an hour-by- hour look at today so you can plan it out in weather and traffic on the 8s. and leslee has the commute. which is good. thank you for the dry roads. everything looks good. palm harbor area, state road 54 to tampa road, just a 12 minute commute through land o'lakess and up to speed as well. and taking a look -- land o'lakes, up to speed as well. and taking a look at 275 at hillsborough avenue. and you can see most of the traffic he towards us. but hey, it's' great drive, we're at 65 miles per hour through hillsborough county. back to gene and gayle. >> okay. in breaking news, assessing the damage in indiana after tornadoes ripped through parts of the state. and you can see one tornado in this cellphone video, very powerful. >> and another video shows a coffee shop being ripped to shreds by the storm. news channel 8's meredyth censullo is live from the tampa news center as she is following
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indiana governor mike pence is headed back to his home state to tour the storm damage. the republican vice presidential nominee left north carolina where he was campaigning last night. hundreds of people are homeless in the city which took the brunt of the storms. you can see from the aerials, a five-block area was obliterated by an ef-3 tornado with winds topping 165 miles per hour. eight tornadoes were confirmed in indiana yesterday. three touched down. unbelievably, only minor injuries. a lot of people captured video of the tornadoes on their cellphones, including the storm that collapsed a starbucks. take a look. >> my gosh, starbucks just got blown over. there's people in there. >> reporter: yeah, look at that right there slowed down for you. the video was shot through the window of a bar across the street. everybody in the bar was okay. the entire front wall and
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you can imagine, a lot of people without power this morning. local meteorologists saying another batch of storms possible there today. and the salvation army has set up a way to help victims. text on your phone to 41444. back to you. >> devastating images. all right, thank you. a man in a motorized wheelchair is dead after he was hit by an suv in new port richey avenue and little road. state troopers report the 79- year-old was crossing the road when the suv crashed into him. the driver of the suv told us he was on his way home from work when the man popped out of nowhere. right now, usf police are searching for this man. he is a person of interest in the case of the campus flasher. they believe he may know something about a man who exposed himself at two different usf dining halls. if you know this guys, call usf police.
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today. not to wow the judge with his music. kevin gates will attend a preliminary hearing on battery charges. gates is the rapper caught on camera kicking a fan at a lakeland concert last summer. he claims it was self-defense because the woman was tugging on his pants. the judge didn't buy it, denying his request to drop the charge. happening today, emergency leaders in tampa plan to present their findings months after a music festivef people dead and many in the hospital. it's believed drug overdoses were to blame during the annual sunset music festival at raymond james stadium. 8 on your side's ryan hughes is live at tampa city hall. tampa officials sought advice from other cities on this issue. >> reporter: we are told the police and fire department spoke to other leaders in other cities to find out what they do when it comes to concerts that tend to attract drug use.
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taken during the festival. emergency leaders said two people died and 57 were taken to st. joseph's hospital. that kind of response is damaging to the emergency services system. so leaders want to make plans on how to deal with this kind of incident in the future. and they hope it never happens again. those who attend it say it's normal for concert goers to be on drugs. we spoke to one back in june. >> kind of like more closed ey of it. it happens unfortunately at festivals where people, you know, just take to it a level of insobriety that's not healthy. >> reporter: there's one option on the table, shut down the annual festival all together. we will learn what findings the police and fire departments came up at a city council meeting here in a few hours. >> we will report back. ryan, thank you.
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it's a call that some have called condescending. and candace mccowan you actually had the opportunity, the only local reporter we should point out to talk to donald trump about his call to hispanic and minority voters. >> yeah, we have heard this appeal. it started over the weekend. and it's been going on ever since. trump made the appeal to black and hispanics at the florida state saying the voter has been treated horribly and saying, i will make sure when you walk down the street that you will not be shot. well, i asked the republican nominee about those comments yesterday. >> reporter: maybe some of your comments have come off condescending. what would you say to that? >> i don't think so. i think we're getting tremendous support because i talk about how bad education is for the african-americans. you look at 40% in poverty, living in poverty.
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mess. whether-- inner city, they're a total mess. homeownership, and i say, give me a chance. i will fix it. and i think it's really catching on because i see them going up sharply with african- american voters. >> reporter: it's worth noting, i did and for the numbers showing the support going up among black voters and trump continued his appeal in front of hundreds at the florida state fairgrounds asking blacks and hispanics, what do you have to lose? an hillary rodham clinton and the latest reports. now viewers getting fired up about this, one tweeting trump talking about hillary rodham clinton to distract the people instead of talking about bringing back his business to the u.s. pat tweeting, he has just begun his way to the land slide. and now that's not all we talked about. we talked about clinton, his comments on her in the next half hour. >> a great interview.
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all right, how is it looking leigh? >> well, it's going to be on the humid side. already is this morning. but as we head through the day, we add the heat to the humidity. 80degrees at 8:00 a.m. 84 at 10:00. by 1:00, it's 89. and an afternoon high around 92. that's a couple ticks above the average which is 90. and we will stay in the low to mid-90s with the high humidity into the weekend. as far as seasonal, 30% chance today, tomorrow and saturday. and higher rain chances with more tropical moisture in play. and this wave near puerto rico, it will help to enhance our rain chances. going up to 50% sunday and monday. and that may change depending on the track and the intensity of whatever this wave becomes. how about traffic on the 8s? well, we've still got a great drive. not seeing any kind of issues
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i-4 through lakeland between each entrance of the poll, parkway, a 17 minute commute. and state road 52 to 275, roughly 11 minutes on your drive. i-4 through ybor, 301 to 275, six minutes. veterans expressway looks great, no slow downs, and most traffic heading southbound for your morning commute. and once you get off the sun coast parkway, just 10 minutes. that's a look at the great roadways. that's weather and traffic on the 8s, back to you. >> thank shop controversy. >> the hidden message in one photo that has a father outraged and taking action. and the changing social lessons for students. coming up, i explore the debate over including social issues like the lgbt movement in the classroom. first, emergency crews continue to search for survivors after a powerful earthquake inly. the latest on their efforts and the situation there. that's coming up next. you're watching news channel 8
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z22srz zy6z y22sry yy6y right now, is desperate search continues in italy for survivors still trapped beneath rubble of a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. crews still going through piles
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buildings. overnight, the number of people who died jumped to 247. and officials worry that number could go up. but take a look, among the death and destruction in italy, there are stories of survival. an incredible moment here. crews found this 10-year-old girl alive underneath the rubble. and they were able to pull her to safety. this morn, the number of people killed in -- this morning, the number of people killed on the attack on the american university in afghanistan jumped more than 700 students were on campus when attackers stormed the campus with guns and grenades. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. very few americans attend the university but the state department indicates a number of americans serve on the faculty. we get schooled on diversity as a classroom subject. social issues had many of us talking this summer, including
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but whether those issues belong many the classroom depends on who you and. >> it's critical to our young people understanding the problems. >> parents should be understanding it at home. >> reporter: protests tied to race relations, controversy surrounding gender and sexuality identity. >> it's a fact. it's reality. anything that's real should be talked about. >> reporter: this grandfather of nine martin believes these are learning opportunities or the classroom. but a fellow tampa resident sees them as distractions. >> i don't think these issues should be interfering with education in the classroom. >> reporter: hillsborough schools exposed plain current events do not affect the african-american studies program. and lgbt topics are not studied because they are not part of the florida standards. in pinellas, schools address the subjects in special programs that require parent permission. >> we know students are talking about these and it's important
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touchy topic, especially for different -- topic, especially for different age groups. he sees the value for high school students. >> they'll learn how to treat others. and be productive citizens. >> reporter: for now, these are issues mostly discussed at home and in out-of-class workshops. >> getting curriculum changed and response toy current events -- responses to curren can be difficult. >> california just included lgbt. there kids in second grade learn about different types of families and older students will learn about important lgbt figures and events like the same-sex marriage security ruling but a controversial subject. they need to start the conversation with school leaders. because it's the state that needs to make the changes in the florida standards. >> the conversation is happening amongst student, even
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it in a forum where it's productive and you can have q and a. >> definitely a hot topic. >> absolutely. thank you. the genesis prep yearbook filled with pictures that last a lifetime contained a hidden, hateful phrase. a former yearbook staffer slipped in the words "kill me" over a picture of a student shooting a basketball, leave herring and the administers confused, shocked and horrified. >> i don't like it. i mean, expecting it. i don't know he did it. >> there's nothing more mortifying as an administer of a school to see something like that. >> the former staffer picked up litter around the school over the part of the summer as punishment. as for her picture, yearbook owners can put a fixed sticker over the original photo. happening today, it's national banana split day. the treat that features three
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toppings has been around since the early 1900s. to mark the occasion, sprinkles in hyde park has a deal for kids. any child who does the split will get a free banana split cupcake. >> and you got to be a child. gayle, don't try it. >> that would be embarrassing. >> i can't. another deal for you, the national park service is offering three admission this weekend. yep, starting today, through sunday, you can get into a national park without paying the entrance fee. this offer is in honor of th national park service's birthday. happy birthday to them. let's check in with leigh. >> and a humid start to this august day. . i know that's no surprise. 80degrees around 8:00ment and then a fast warm-up to 88. feeling toasty by the lunch break. could there be showers? yes, widely scattered meaning there won't be many of them. better rain chances around 4:00 p.m. still spotty, about a 40% chance with a high of 92. in weeki wachee, starting your
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77 right now in north port and venice. and a fast warm-up with the morning sunshine because we will see the showers develop in the early afternoon and generally head toward the coast, ending around sunset tonight. and we do it again tomorrow, still get this breeze so sunny and steamy in the morning and afternoon storms. starting tomorrow, i'm going to be tracking the tropical wave closer towards the bama mas. -- the bahamas. as far as the computer forecast, by saturday, the long- term track more uncertain but looks like it should affect florida at some point. i don't know how strong it will be but i am going to help bring the rain chances up to 50% for us sunday, monday and tuesday. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, a little bit of police activity out on i-4 near county line road. be aware of this. that's a glitch this the system. traffic looks great around u.s. 98 and kathleen road.
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and a few police cars, everything off to the right side. no delays. it is still dark outside so use caution. and let's move over to another camera, this is 275 around bird street -- street looking to the north. and if you commute through tampa, you know southbound is where traffic starts to build. northbound is a breeze usually through the morning. that reverses in the afternoon. so we have more traffic out here but still a great drive on 275. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you,less lie. your vehicle -- thank you, leslee. your vehicle may be at risk of stalling unexpectedly while driving. >> a recall alert you don't want to miss. you're watching news channel 8
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we're back. ford is recalling several vehicles that could stall unexpectedly. this involves flex wagons and the ford taurus from model years 2013 through 2015. 's the fuel pump control module. if it fail, the engine may not start or the car could stall while you're driving. for the first time in nearly a decade, prices of newly built homes have dropped and sales reached a high. that's because buyers are opting for smaller homes. people who need mortgages are coming back to the home buying market which means more demand for smaller homes. the average size of a home built this summer was 70 feet
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>> less to clean. >> right. in the tech race, the swiss put their name on the postal map. >> and it's thanks to this robot, swiss post will test a small fleet of these postal robots next month. they'll be traveling along sidewalks to deliver dummy packages. if it works well, the robots will eventually be used for food and medicine deliveries. >> interesting concept. a glitch with iphone. >> why some iphone 6s are coming down call touch disease and what we need to know to keep it from happening to our phones. first, some police activity on i-4 near county line road. take a look here. weather and traffic on the 8s is just three minutes away.
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it's 5:28 this thursday. notice a beautiful look over downtown tampa this morning. it's 79 degrees with a dew point of 74. when the kids go to the bus stop, yeah, might be a little humid. 80degrees this morning. sunny skies. when the bus drops them off, 92. and there will be about a 40% rain chance. notice the rain chances sort of hour-by-hour throuth might get one or two showers as early as 11:00 a.m. and the rain chances increase to 40% by three as the rain heads toward the coast. a little bit of activity. it's all on the shoulder but i'm seeing police cars out here. this is eastbound i-4 around county line road no. delays. here's one in the distance too. we have three out there. but again, no delays. located on the map, just be aware as you move through the area. otherwise, we have a great drive on i-4. and 275 looks
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skyway bridge. about 10 minutes between each toll plaza. howard frankland bridge, just six minutes.
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preventing concert overdoses. tampa city council is expected to discuss the findings of an investigation of the sunset music festival. ahead in a live report, what this could mean for future concerts in tampa. also this desperate search for survivors in italy continues. you're looking at a live picture here. we just lost it. it was amatrice. more than 24 hours after the devastating earthquake, there's still lots of hope including this. check this out. an amazing rescue, a 10-year- old girl pulled from the rubble. that's straight ahead. plus, zika virus in your backyard. why some residents are concerned about the chemicals being used to spray their areas. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo.


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